Chapter One

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August 29, 2014 by helenwaldron

In which we are first introduced to our unlikely heroes.


“Good news!” said Speakeasy as he entered the small room they called their office.

“I’ve got a new contract for us.”

Writewell looked up from the homework she was correcting. It was a thankless task, correcting long, incoherent texts, but Writewell didn’t mind. She found correcting written homework intellectually stimulating.

It involved her using her detective skills to guess what the student was trying to say. She believed that writing correctly focused the mind into speaking correctly. If she didn’t want to correct texts, she could simply stop giving her students homework. That’s what Speakeasy did. You never saw Speakeasy bent over sheets of A4 paper with a coloured marker pen. Different strokes for different blokes, she thought.

It was a thankless task, but somebody had to do it.

You couldn’t find two more different personalities than Speakeasy and Writewell. It was the secret of their success.

“So where is it, this contract?” asked Writewell. “And what is it exactly?”

Speakeasy leaned against the cupboard they called their filing cabinet and waved his hands in a gesture of indifference. He was a visionary, an ideas man, he wasn’t so much concerned with the details.

“Somewhere in the Hafen City. Lovely offices. Technical stuff and marketing stuff. You can do the technical and I’ll do the marketing.”

Writewell’s lips were already mouthing along with this. You do the schmoozing, she thought and I’ll do the paperwork.

“Tell me what you agreed,” she said, reaching out for a sheet of scrap paper to make notes on. “And I’ll draw up the contract.”

It was the secret of their success.


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