Chapter Three


August 29, 2014 by helenwaldron

A confused meeting.


Frau Malden was a tall blonde woman of about 35, dressed in the business uniform of a dark blue trouser suit. The paleness of her open collar framed her lovely neck, Speakeasy noticed.

She wasn’t expecting them. Speakeasy saw his advantage.

Herr Sakony talked about a five year contract to start. With at least 100 participants.”

There was no reaction.

And some executive seminars for your senior management: international presentations, intercultural training, meetings and negotiations.”

Frau Malden just looked at him.

I expect you’ve discussed it.”

There was a silence. Eventually Frau Malden broke it.

There is always a demand for professional English training at Acme Academy. We are an international concern with subsidiaries currently operating in over 29 countries.”

Writewell knew this already. She had read these very words on the company website before they came. She wondered if all the employees had to learn the website text off by heart.

However, I must confess I was not prepared for this meeting at all. Could I ask you to visit me again at a later date? Perhaps at the same time next Wednesday?”

This was promising, thought Speakeasy. He was happy Frau Malden wanted to see him again.

This will give her time to study our website too, thought Writewell. She wondered if Frau Malden would bother to learn that off by heart too.

And as they left the premises of Acme International, checking out at the mini-Titanic with the uniformed security men who showed no surprise at them leaving so soon, Writewell noticed something unusual. The plexi-glass wall that surrounded the building was clear on the outside but dark on the inside. You could see in from the street, but you couldn’t see out.

Funny, thought Writewell. It’s usually the other way round.


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