Chapter Five


September 10, 2014 by helenwaldron

Money Can’t Buy Me Love.


How important is money to you?” Writewell asked Speakeasy one day when she had returned from the lonely fashion designer.

Very,” said Speakeasy. “I always need to have enough not to have to think about it.”

This was true. Speakeasy always left the thinking about money to Writewell.

Speakeasy and Writewell taught a number of senior executives earning senior executive salaries, and over the years Writewell had noticed a change in these people. Once it was the middle managers who wore designer clothes and Rolex watches and drove Ferraris, while the senior managers were more modest in their behaviour. Now the senior managers were also being photographed in exotic places and mingling with celebrities, as if they were lining themselves up for a life in the public eye.

That’s because they don’t expect to stay in a company for long anymore,” said Speakeasy. “If they run out of companies, they’ll have to do the TED circuit or go into politics. They’re building up their contacts just in case.”

And anyway, said Speakeasy, “It’s not so much the money itself as the prestige that money brings that’s important. That’s why everybody wants to walk around in expensive brands. It shows that someone has enough confidence in you to pay you well. We all just want to be admired.”

Speakeasy always wore suits of an impeccable cut.

And talking of money, I wonder what will happen at Acme this week. Did you speak to Frau Malden to confirm the appointment?”

Speakeasy looked vague. This was annoying. Writewell usually confirmed appointments by email, but her business partner had insisted on ringing Frau Malden and had offered to do it.

I’ll do it now, I’ll do it now!”

He raised his hands in exasperation, as if Writewell was being unreasonable, not him. Picking up the receiver of the single telephone they called their telecommunications system, he dialled the number Writewell placed before him on a small white square of paper.

There was no reply. Writewell looked at her watch. Even the switchboard had gone home.

Leave the appointment in your diary,” said Writewell. “We’ll just have to hope for the best.”


2 thoughts on “Chapter Five

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    • helenwaldron says:

      Hi translatorkl,

      Thanks for this! We meet the designer again in Series Two. And while S&W undoubtedly enjoy their work, it is nice to get paid too (but don’t let me spoil the story…)!



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