Chapter Six


September 16, 2014 by helenwaldron

Déjà vu.


And so to the Hafen City again. Except that this time the skies were grey and the water smelled rotten as it lapped against the red bricked banks. And it failed to dislodge the bright green algae growing up the sides. (So there was some green in the Hafen City!)

Back to the Titanic and the mini-Titanic.

It was like in a dream. Or that feeling of déjà vu you have when you feel you’ve experienced something before. Or Groundhog Day if you can laugh about it. Now that was a good film!

Both Speakeasy (to a degree) and Writewell (especially) had above average memories for faces and names, yet neither of them could decide whether it was the same security guard as last time. There seemed to be a lot of security guards working for Acme International and they all seemed to be a little bit grey and weary behind the tinted glass. The glass also seemed duller and thicker underneath the solid grey heavens.

Now at this point our heroes would like to make it very clear that neither Speakeasy (to a degree) nor Writewell (especially) would ever look down on security people, receptionists, cleaners or janitors. They recognize that these people are doing their jobs and trying to provide a service which far too many people take for granted already. It is wrong to see these people as inferior.  Besides, everyone knows that they are higher in the corporate hierarchy than the external workers (like the English language providers).

Security people, receptionists, cleaners and janitors literally hold the keys to the company and have the power to allow or obstruct a lesson taking place at all.  Speakeasy and Writewell would never, never knowingly be rude to, or about, such people.


One thought on “Chapter Six

  1. Richi says:

    Where is chapter 7??


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