Chapter Seven


September 23, 2014 by helenwaldron

Déjà vu (part 2).


There seemed to be a lot of security guards working for Acme International and they all seemed to be well past retirement age.

Writewell loved to write in pen and ink, but she was surprised to see today’s guard reaching for a large directory again, sighing at the effort of locating Frau Malden. Surely all companies had their telephone directories online nowadays?

And something else. Writewell leaned further over the counter of the mini-Titanic and peered through the tinted glass as the guard’s arthritic finger pulled its way down the columns of names. The directory itself was a ring book file and the pages were large laminated cards with holes punched in them. There was a lot of crossing out in marker pen and some of the pages were darker than others. The pages were from different batches. Surely large companies updated their entire directories at regular intervals?

How often did people come and go here? This was a German company. Germany, the home of the steady job and employee rights.

They’ve disappeared Frau Malden!

Just like they disappeared Herr Sakony.

Writewell looked at Speakeasy and saw his hopeful smile in profile. He was a handsome man, she thought, as the guard looked up and said gruffly,

There’s no one of that name works here,”

And Speakeasy’s face fell in perplexity.


One thought on “Chapter Seven

  1. Richi says:

    Where is chapter 8?


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