Chapter Eight

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September 29, 2014 by helenwaldron

In a cafe


Never mind, never mind. There’s plenty more where that came from. There’s plenty more fish in the sea.”

Speakeasy and Writewell were sitting in a brand new café in the brand new Hafen City. The tables were blocks of polished wood which looked like plastic and the chairs were moulded white plastic and reminded Writewell of toilet seats. It was terribly trendy and more Speakeasy’s style than hers. When it was her turn to choose a meeting place outside their office she tended to choose somewhere comfy like a literature café, where you could relax on retro sofas and read books if you were alone. Speakeasy always hated such places.

We have enough contracts for now anyway,” said Writewell. “We don’t need Acme International.”

What did you mean about them “disappearing” Frau Malden?”

And Herr Sakony. Didn’t you notice all the amendments in that directory the guards were looking in? You’d expect security guards to know the names of heads of departments. They’re the sort of people who get lots of visitors. I don’t think Frau Malden and Herr Sakony worked for Acme at all. I reckon Acme is one of those rich companies which prefers to hire on short term contracts than employ people full time. Either that or the training department isn’t a very nice place to work.”

Writewell thought of the plexi-glass fence where the employees couldn’t see out.

Frau Malden was a babe,” said Speakeasy sadly. But then he cheered up visibly as he watched a couple of yummy mummies entering the café with their children asleep in their expensive buggies. Once they had settled themselves at their table, one of them noticed him watching and flashed him a smile.

How about … we make a quiz for everyone who’s been following this story from the start?”

Good idea,” said Writewell, fishing in her handbag for a pen and exercise book. “You can start.”


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