Chapter Nine


October 5, 2014 by helenwaldron

A quiz


Right,” said Speakeasy. “Chapter One. What’s the name of the gorgeous hunk we first meet in Chapter One?”

Writewell rolled her eyes and waited.

No? Well, how about… name four pieces of office equipment or furniture found in Chapter One.”

Writewell nodded as she wrote this down.

Chapter One. How would you translate the word “contract” into your own language and which verb is used as a more formal way of saying “to write a contract.”?”

Tricky,” said Speakeasy. “And, strictly speaking, two questions.”

Chapter Two,” he went on. “Find three synonyms for “a smell” in Chapter Two.”

Of course,” said Writewell. “In Chapter Two we used the word “Personnel” for the department which deals with staff. More and more companies are using another name for this department. Can you name it?”

Speakeasy looked impressed, and then a little surprised, as Writewell pushed her notepad into the middle of the narrow table in her enthusiasm, and nearly knocked over the sugar basin.

Here’s one we can’t miss. In Chapter Two we used the word “elevator,” which is American English. What is British English for “elevator”?”

That’s definitely two questions,” said Speakeasy. “And you’re showing us up for mixing our languages!”

Well, we live in a global world, don’t we? So we all speak a bit of Globish.”

Chapter Three,” said Speakeasy. “What is the word we use for companies related to the parent company, but usually located in another country. Can you pronounce it, and can you give us a (near enough) synonym for it? Ha!”

Ha indeed! That’s three questions,” laughed Writewell. “So an easy one from me. What’s the opposite of “advantage”?

I wouldn’t know,” murmured Speakeasy. And when Writewell looked up from her notepad, she found him smiling across the cafe back at the yummy mummy, who was leaning forward over her plastic table with her chin pertly resting on one hand. Her big dark eyes were gazing beyond her Pumpkin Spiced Salted Caramel Frappochino Latte, while her friend typed a message into her smart phone.

Poor neglected us, said her look. And is that your girlfriend? She’s too busy making notes to talk to you.


One thought on “Chapter Nine

  1. Richi says:

    Where is chapter 10??


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