Series Two: Chapter Seven

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December 6, 2014 by helenwaldron

Andalusia, by the pool.


They skyped that evening, Speakeasy and Writewell.

Writewell was overcome by the momentousness of the day’s event and wanted to impress Speakeasy, who was laid back as ever.

“Ah, I imagine he’ll stay on in a supervisory role. Nobody will lose their job.”

“It was on the news, well, the business news, well, I had to google it, but Happlon was one of the last true Hanseatic companies.”

“Talking of which, did you remember to bill them? I’m sure they’ll pay you, but if there’s going to be a big reorganization there might be some delay while they work out which department pays for Happlon’s expenses.”

There was a clink of glasses and voices in the background. Andalusia, by the pool.

“We’re going to the Alhambra tomorrow. Maren managed to get us tickets. She used to work in travel and she knows all the tricks.”

Feeling a million miles away, Writewell opened a bottle of Rioja and then started to calculate the Happlon Group bill. They certainly owed her a tidy sum. Maybe she should have opened a bottle of champagne.

At any rate it was her turn for a holiday. Speakeasy would cover for her and she could afford something special now. Maybe she’d even head for home. New Zealand, at the other end of the globe.  Rolling landscapes, volcanoes, peace. The more she thought about it, the more she felt herself missing the uniqueness of her native country. She enjoyed living in Europe, but it was small and specialized, like a large organization squeezing its thousands of employees into departments. Europe was a crowded hub, where they all spoke different languages and placed importance on different things, regardless of what their neighbours were doing. New Zealand had everything and was open and free. She would finish these bills and then start looking for flights that very evening. After all, she hadn’t been home for years.

Being your own boss meant you worked harder, but it was better than having a boss like Happlon, she decided.

And writing this bill would be the last she had to do with him.


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