Series Two: Chapter Eight

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December 11, 2014 by helenwaldron

In which Speakeasy returns and we meet Herr Sakony again.

Speakeasy was back. He came round to what they called their office (but was actually … etc., etc.) with Maren Malden, who looked a lot different with a low cleavage and a tan. Last time at Acme she had had a business suit and an uncertain manner.

“I know Happlon. I’ve worked there too,” said Maren.

“Let’s go out and spend some money,” said Speakeasy. “You don’t get out enough, Jools, you’re all pale and interesting.”

It was true. Having looked at flight prices, Writewell had spent the rest of the evening updating her seminar on “Leadership.”

Speakeasy was good for her. He took her out of herself. Even if she was playing the gooseberry, she decided she’d go out with James and Maren.

“Where to?” said Speakeasy. “Smooth Lounge? Or the Cocktails-To-Go-In-A-Bucket bar?”

“No, please, no,” said Maren firmly. “I don’t want to go to any of the after work places where I’ll just bump into people I used to work with, and spend the time telling them where I’m working now”.

“Oh, Maren,” said Speakeasy. “You’ve had so many colleagues, you’ll have to stay at home or wear a paper bag on your head. Or be seen out with me and make them forget everything. Grrr.”

Cool Maren Malden almost melted.

In the end they went to a concert they’d seen advertised on a poster in the train station.

“I didn’t know they were still alive,” said Writewell afterwards. “How wonderful it is to live in a town with so much going on.”

“How wonderful indeed,” said Speakeasy, eying his girlfriend chatting with a man dressed in a genuinely scuffed leather jacket and fashionably scuffed denim jeans.

And then his face lit up as he recognised him as the man he had last seen in a tailored suit and tie.

“Harald!” he said.

“Harald Sakony. Meet my business partner, Julia Writewell.”


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