Series 3 : Chapter 3

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January 23, 2015 by helenwaldron

James and Katharina


“Mr James!” exclaimed the unfriendly receptionist, as she looked up and saw the two of them standing there. She pushed a form over the counter for them to sign themselves in and smiled as she handed over their temporary identity cards.

“Mr James!” gasped Frau Reppentrop in delight, as she saw them come out of the lift at the end of the open-plan office.

“Katharina! How are you?” asked Speakeasy.

He kissed her perfectly made-up cheek and handed over the bunch of flowers he had bought at the underground station. Writewell looked on incredulously, as steely Katharina Reppentrop blushed into their pink petals.

“We were just passing through,” lied Speakeasy, because they were looking for work. “We have a new customer nearby. To be honest, we’ve got so much work we’ve had to employ someone to help out in the office.”

Writewell tried not to pull a face at the thought of Sakony and his singing.

“Existing customers have priority, of course. We just need to work out our availability.” He paused, looked her in the eye and added, “We haven’t actually fixed any more lesson times.”

Katharina looked uncomfortable.

“Mr Happlon is …. preoccupied at the moment,” she said. “He is in there,” she indicated the thick paneled office door behind her own desk. “But he is … not himself.”

“Maybe he needs some coaching,” said Speakeasy. “We can manage that too.”

“Perhaps,” said Frau Reppentrop. “But … not yet.”

She looked sadly at James and Julia.

“It is not a good time for the Happlon Group.”

Which meant that it was not a good time for their suppliers either.


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