Series 3 : Chapter 4

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January 31, 2015 by helenwaldron

Home again
“I couldn’t mention the bills in the circumstances,” explained Speakeasy as they left the Happlon building.Writewell nodded in understanding. “I’ll send an email.”

They were standing on the pavement with the fresh air blowing in from the River Elbe. Writewell shivered and thought of the smell of the New Zealand coastline, the freshness of Waikato’s waterfalls, the mists over the Coromandel Peninsula. She wondered when she would be able to see it all again. When she could afford the holiday she had promised herself. She enjoyed living in Europe, but now that she had made up her mind to visit her homeland, she felt homesick.

It was never a good feeling to be far from home without the money to return.

“Will we go back?” asked Speakeasy, meaning to the office. He noticed how his friend was shivering in her thin business coat.

Again they took the first train that came. This time it was the U1, rushing underground. They spent the journey in silence, looking at their own reflections in the windows in the dark tunnels and reading the posters when they stopped at the stations. Do you need a new nose or better body? Said a man in a white coat with very white teeth, and a name badge saying he was Dr Christ. I’m looking forward to seeing you. Go to the theatre and get some culture, said another with a picture of some dancing farmers. Erotic fair! came out in a balloon from between a woman’s legs.

Speakeasy and Writewell smiled at each other. They always enjoyed German advertising.


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