Series 3: Chapter 5

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February 5, 2015 by helenwaldron

New custom from an unexpected source


When they returned to the small room they called their office, Sakony was still there waiting for his takeaway. Too hungry and weak to continue his playing, he was talking a strange mixture of American and German slang into Writewell’s laptop.

It was poor manners to use someone else’s laptop for anything, but since Harald Sakony had spent time touring America they were glad that he was skyping and not using the telephone.

“Gotta go, now man. There’s food on the table. Oh yeah, yeah, I’ll ask them”, he added as he pressed the red telephone symbol.

“Great guys,” he smiled. “Love ‘em all. Where’s the food?”

Harald Sakony was always hungry.

“Oh, the food! I’ll get it.”

Writewell made to put her coat back on.

Sakony forgot her and turned happily to Speakeasy.

“I love those guys like brothers, you know. You’ll never believe the stories I can tell.”

“Who?” asked Writewell irritated.

“Real characters,” chuckled Sakony.


And Sakony mentioned the German music industry’s biggest export.

“You were on tour with …?”

“You’re friends with …?”

“Yeah, great guys” Sakony laughed at his memories. His time in America was probably the happiest time of his life.

“You didn’t mind me using your laptop to skype,” he added, as Writewell was checking her bag for enough money for food for three people.

“Your skype name confused us all at first.”

Writewell was standing in the open doorway.

“They said they needed an English teacher in their entourage. They’re always having to give interviews in English now. And their manager needs it too. And stuff.”

Sakony picked up his guitar again and attempted a tune.

“They’re touring Australia and New Zealand next,” he added as an afterthought.


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