Series 3: Chapter 6


February 13, 2015 by helenwaldron

Too good to be true?
There was a chance of a trip to New Zealand with all expenses paid!

But Sakony wasn’t willing to talk until he had been fed.

Writewell went out and returned with four different Chinese meals and a portion of rice. She wasn’t very hungry, so that would surely be enough. She then sat opposite Sakony and watched him eat with a smile on her face. Eventually Sakony looked up and smiled back at her. He had pieces of stir fry between his teeth.

“I hope you recommended me to your friends,” she said.

“Don’t even think of going, babe,” Sakony replied looking back into her eyes. “I’m keeping you right here with me.”

“Right,” said Speakeasy breezily. “Time I was off.”

But before Speakeasy could leave the office, three things happened at once. The phone rang (Writewell was nearest), that strange padding tone that preceded a skype call started up (Sakony had left Writewell’s laptop open beside him), and the doorbell went.

“Yeah?” said Sakony, pressing on the “accept call” button with an extremely greasy finger.

“Speakeasy and Writewell,” sang Writewell into the telephone, as she glared over the receiver at Sakony. “Julia Writewell speaking. How can I help you?”

“Oh, hello,” said Speakeasy to the pair of legs walking up the stairs and the pile of cardboard boxes on top of them. “Anything for us?”

The postman shook his head, “No, but will you sign for them anyway?”

Speakeasy and Writewell often accepted parcels for their neighbours. The postman knew that the tiny flat was an office and he always rang their bell when he had parcels to get rid of. They had no real idea who their neighbours were. One of the few times they saw them was when they came to pick up their online shopping. Sometimes Speakeasy and Writewell wondered if they’d moved away without waiting for their purchases, as they climbed over piles of cardboard boxes for weeks on end. Or maybe people ordered goods online in the middle of the night and thought they had dreamt it in the morning. Or they bought spontaneously, but lost interest before the goods arrived.

“Why do people do so much internet shopping, when we live in the middle of a city?” commented Speakeasy to the postman one day.

But he kept on accepting the parcels, because everyone wants to be a good neighbour, don’t they?


2 thoughts on “Series 3: Chapter 6

  1. Thomas says:

    I enjoyed the story and laughed a lot. Please keep up. Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

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