Series 3: Chapter 7

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February 21, 2015 by helenwaldron

Business or pleasure?
Writewell was on the phone to a customer.

“Yes, of course. We’d be glad to. When would it be convenient?”

“Guys, DON’T HASSLE ME! Give me a break,” guffawed Sakony.

He was skyping with his friends, the rock group, the Malicious Black Widows.

This is the story of my life, thought Writewell. Rock legends call me on my laptop and I’m busy on the phone to the Accounts Payable department of Cosmecremes.

Surprisingly Cosmecremes wasn’t ringing to talk about problems with their invoices this time. Somebody in the Accounts department was being posted to their Near East subsidiary and was enquiring about having English lessons. Assuming their company paid up, this was good news, because business for Speakeasy and Writewell was slack at present. Writewell tried to sound pleasant and unhurried, while at the same time listening in to Sakony’s conversation.

“Haha!” shouted Sakony, slamming the laptop lid down violently, and thus ending his call before Writewell had finished hers.

Speakeasy was restacking the parcels, so that nobody would fall over them. He looked up surprised as Writewell sweetly finished her own phone call and then shreiked at Sakony,

“You didn’t even mention me!”

“Oh, babe, you underestimate me,” answered Sakony. And opening her laptop again, he showed her a link in the skype chat. A telephone number with five pulsating heart emoticons.


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