Series 3: Chapter 8

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February 28, 2015 by helenwaldron

“What we need,” said Speakeasy. “Is another teacher to help us out.”

It was true. Sometimes their appointment calendar was almost empty and then suddenly – like now – the future looked rosy again.

Success breeds success, thought Writewell.

It certainly seemed that way. By the time they went round to meet the Cosmecremes employee who had rung because he was relocating to one of their subsidiaries, his boss had decided to implement English courses for the whole department.

“We all have to be ready for increasing global challenges”, he told them.

“Of course,” answered Speakeasy and Writewell. “Have you thought about intercultural competence training as well?”

It meant a lot of work and Writewell felt bad about leaving Speakeasy alone with it. On the other hand she really wanted to go home, and she wanted to be a part of the Malicious Black Widows’ Down, Down Under The Black Widows’ Hood Tour too.

Why are we freelance, if we can’t take advantage of opportunities like this, she asked herself. And it’s work, of course, she added, because she tended to forget it.

She was a little bit afraid that Speakeasy would ask Sakony to help out in her absence. After all, Sakony was always hanging around their office, and he was more than confident about the English he had picked up when touring America. And she had him to thank for the chance of going on tour with the Malicious Black Widows.

All the same Writewell thought he spoke a strange brand of rock star English that was not really appropriate for the client list she and Speakeasy had built up.

There was only one thing for it. Writewell confronted Speakeasy head on with the issue.

“Good Lord,” laughed Speakeasy in surprise. “I hadn’t even thought of it. And anyway, he’s busy. He’s got a new job”.

This was news to Writewell, but she saved it for a later date.

“We need to advertise,” said Speakeasy. “Or I’ll just ask around in my networks. That might be better, actually.”


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