Two text messages and three emails

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April 12, 2015 by helenwaldron

Text message from Writewell to Speakeasy:

What’s wrong? Why has IATEFL sent me 2 new passwords, and now says it’s denying me access?

Sent from my W-phone

Text message from Speakeasy to Writewell:

Don’t worry. It’s all been sorted. I’ll mail you.

Sent from my S-phone.

First email from Speakeasy to Writewell:

Re: IATEFL conference coverage


Sorry, I didn’t realise they’d send the messages to you too. I’m supposed to be covering the IATEFL online conference, but the site either tells me my password and/or email address is wrong, or accepts them, says it has sent a message with further details to my email address, and then nothing happens (yes, I did check the junk mail folder!).

Feel so stupid, but you know I’m a mere man and haven’t got your technical skills.

This means I can’t watch the talks we earmarked beforehand, but I’m sure I’ll manage something and you’re to enjoy yourself.

And that’s an order.




Second email from Speakeasy to Writewell:

Re: Re: IATEFL conference coverage

Okay, the good news:

• It’s a beautiful spring day and I switched off the computer and got some fresh air.
• I won’t be suffering from conference fatigue
• They’re going to post some of yesterday’s talks and I may be able to access  those
• It’s always good to listen to talks not directly related to your work. That’s the way to learn new things.
• “Hoppla” (as in “hoppla! That didn’t go well”) is such a wonderful word. Very spring-like.
• Worse things happen at sea.

More good news to follow tomorrow, I’m sure.

Looking forward to your next postcard.



Third email from Speakeasy to Writewell:

Re: Re: Re: IATEFL conference coverage

Still lots of “hopplas!” and “you are not authorized to access this page”, but can open a couple of talks about testing and teaching quality. Lots of talk about fear as well. I’m sure our readers will find something interesting in it.

Get some sleep now.



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