The aftermath of the shock: how to proceed?

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June 11, 2015 by helenwaldron

“Could I speak to John Salmond?”


“James Speakeasy here, from Speakeasy and Writewell. I’d like to talk about a logistics seminar you’re doing at Cosmecremes.”


“I’d be interested to know where your materials come from.”

“You want to know my materials?” (laughter) ”And you’re a teacher, you say?”

This was to provoke Speakeasy. Salmond knew full well who he was talking to.

“I’m afraid I don’t make a policy of sharing all my business interests with anybody who happens to ring.”

He was a nasty piece of work, was John Salmond.

“So what did he say?” said Deborah nervously. Did he know that I had told you, was the unspoken question in the air between them.


“Yup,” said Writewell over Skype. “It seems like a million miles away and a billion years ago, but that’s definitely my concept. I researched that case study, and I wrote those comprehension and vocabulary questions.”

Speakeasy read a little more to her and soon she was able to finish his sentences.

“The only thing different is that it’s got HAMLANG’S letterhead on it instead of ours. Ours is nicer,” she added, as Speakeasy held up the papers to the computer screen.

“John Salmond’s a swine, but he didn’t steal the concept. Cosmecremes must have given it to him. You’ll have to speak, or write, to Cosmecremes.”

And that was easier said than done.


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