Something great’s going to happen this week

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July 25, 2015 by helenwaldron

Ken had still not arrived.  He left a message with the hotel reception that he would be late and the other two decided to wait for him.

Beach club with star20150820_19143013

Speakeasy and Writewell were drinking cocktails near Checkpoint Charlie and doing some last minute course planning.

“It’s funny how Ken can speak so many languages. He speaks Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin and Russian, but not English or any other Western language. Maybe he has problems with the alphabet.”

“Well, we’ll do the rhyming alphabet thing again. Jean-Claude can do an alphabet of design. Oscar can film it.”

Speakeasy and Writewell were good at bringing creativity into the classroom. They knew how to pool their students’ skills. It was just a pity that they failed to teach them English.

They leaned back in their deck chairs.

Outside the beach club car horns sounded in anger. The police had arrived and closed off one lane completely to give priority to a convoy of black limousines.

“I can feel something great’s going to happen this week,” said Speakeasy.


There were some very expensive looking cars parked outside their hotel when they returned.

Speakeasy and Writewell walked right past them and found Oscar in the conference room they had booked. He was typing something into his laptop. His laptop was connected to his camera and microphone.


“Have you been taking some shots of Berlin?” asked Speakeasy pleasantly.

Oscar nodded and packed his camera away.


Ken finally joined them for the English language walking tour of Berlin that afternoon.

Walking tour of Berlin

Speakeasy and Writewell learned a lot, but their three students seemed to be busy on their mobile phones for most of the time.

“Thank you,” said Jean-Claude afterwards.

There was a table booked for the five of them in an exclusive restaurant not far from the Reichstag Building.

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