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August 2, 2015 by helenwaldron

Oscar was missing on the second morning.

Writewell rolled her eyes at Speakeasy. It was so important they all attended.

Ken and Jean-Claude sat opposite them, waiting politely for the lesson to begin.

The telephone rang and Writewell answered it. It was Diana, Oscar’s wife.

classroom ken jc phone

“He’s coming around eleven. A thousand apologies,” Writewell passed the message on to Speakeasy.

Diana spoke fluent English. She was a make-up artist and she always worked on the same films as her husband.


Now Speakeasy and Writewell were getting angry. It’s hard to improvise grammar exercises when you’re angry.

Writewell suggested using the current situation to revise question words, while they were waiting for Oscar.

What she wrote on the board was:

Who rang?

Who is she?

Where is Oscar?

Why isn’t he here?

What could possibly be so important?”

Jean-Claude produced his tablet and showed the teachers a French language news website.

Ken was looking at his Rolex and frowning.

Vanessa Paradis. Johnny Halliday. A picture of a luxury villa. And then a red banner suddenly unfolded at the bottom of the screen. Dernières nouvelles: breaking news, and some familiar names from business and politics. Sommet du G8…

“Bebece,” murmured Ken, looking up at the screen.


BREAKING: said the BBC website. Hidden agenda at the G8 summit? According to sources, a treaty has been signed freeing large corporations from environmental restrictions. More details to follow.

Confusion crossed the teachers’ faces. They now had two more question words for Ken and Jean-Claude:

What does this have to do with us?

Who was that man you were talking to, Jean-Claude?

Berlin mystery qu mark  

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