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March 13, 2016 by helenwaldron

“I’ve added the transcript for that video at the bottom,” said Writewell to Speakeasy.
“Yes,“ agreed Speakeasy. “He did speak rather fast.”

“Now let’s hope they’ve all done their homework and they watch it again in time for tomorrow’s session.”

“Homework?” queried Speakeasy. “For a stammtisch?

“If they are motivated,” nodded Writewell, wisely. “They will want to do more. Now, what have we got next?”

“We’ve got a few more short films,” answered Speakeasy. “They like watching films, I think. This one’s just a bit of fun. It’s not great quality, but there are subtitles. It’s a short quiz (6 min) about how leaders express themselves non-verbally. Thanks to Ron Morrain, by the way.

“Wonder what leadership theory she’s talking about here,” mused Speakeasy. “Maybe the Trait theory, or if you learnt to adapt your body language, it would be the Skills theory.”

“Or maybe we’re stuck with the Great Man theory,” noted Writewell, darkly.

“”Testesterone”, women’s “subordinate behavior”, hmm.”

“Fast forward to this one,” went on Speakeasy. “It’s only 12 minutes long.”

“Oh that’s definitely the last one, the Servant Leadership theory,” smiled Writewell.

“He’s talking about authority, not power, and he’s not necessarily talking about bosses in companies, but people who get up and do something.”

“Yes,” went on Writewell. “That’s leadership for me. Everyday leadership is important. I’m wary of this idea that there are a few leaders and the rest of us are followers”.

“You might like this one, then,” suggested Speakeasy. ”It’s 6 minutes long again and there’s a transcript below if he’s speaking too fast.”

“”Everyday Leadership,”” murmured Writewell. “I like that. I agreed with every word he said, actually. Leadership isn’t something exclusive to boardrooms and committees. Leadership is seeing how we can use our talents to make our world better for others”.

“Let’s think of people we know who do that,” suggested Speakeasy.


One thought on “More about Leadership

  1. Richi says:

    What do leaders do?
    They shout all the time
    They only shout when people are too loud?



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