Interlude: In Writewell’s Absence

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Writewell’s postcard from Hong Kong

Two text messages and three emails

Some general reflections on conferences and the IATEFL annual conference in particular

IATEFL Conference Fears #1

IATEFL Conference Fears #2

Find Your Niche

Writewell’s postcard from Melbourne

Social Media #1

Social Media #2

Social Media #3: LinkedIn

Social Media #4: Xing

Words #1: These are a few of my favourite words

Words #2: Debora’s difficult words

Words #3: Gazumped! (Words so necessary somebody has already invented them)

Book Review: “Teaching English With Art: Norman Rockwell”, by Jorge Sette,

Book Review: “From English Teacher to Learner Coach”, by Daniel Barber and Duncan Foord

A Shock

The aftermath of the shock: How to proceed?

Life’s too short for shocks like this (the one that got away)

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